Is Treating Back Pain The Key To Living Longer?

An article published last month in the European Journal of Pain revealed a link between back pain and mortality.  While back pain was not the cause of death, statistics showed that when back and neck pain were present the likelihood of death within a year increased.  It is believed that the presence of this type of pain was a result of other factors that lead to death such as health ailments and physical problems. 

People in this study ages 70 and older that also reported back and neck pain during the most recent month proved to be 13% more likely to die each year.  This is compared to people of the same age that did not report any back or neck pain. 

While previous research has linked back pain to elevated levels of depression and anxiety, it also has a direct correlation to a person’s physical ability.  With a limited capacity for activity, unhealthy triggers like weight gain are a common result; which increases a person’s risk for a number of different diseases and health problems.

While back pain won’t be a direct contributor to death, the peripheral effects of chronic neck and back pain could be.  This speaks volumes about the importance of chiropractic care for the treatment of these problems.  Relieving back troubles will not only enhance your quality of life, it can extend it, returning you to a healthy and active lifestyle.

According to WebMD over 22 million people visit a chiropractor annually.  Over 7.5 million seek specific treatment for acute back pain.  The hands-on spinal manipulation techniques used by a chiropractor are designed to align the body’s musculoskeletal system.  Through this manipulation, mobility to joints is restored, and pain from connective tissue, muscle, bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons can be relieved. 

While treating the source of the pain is a vital step in chiropractic care, finding a remedy for the side effects of chronic pain are also essential for recovery.  As stated earlier, pain can restrict the ability and desire for physical activity.  With that being the case, it is not uncommon for weight gain to occur.  This is why patients at Southeast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers also have access to services such as nutritional health coaching.  Such programs help patients with a wide variety of health issues by providing the tools needed to reach a healthier weight, better sleep, and an overall higher quality of life and health.

If back pain is currently a problem, or to ensure that it doesn’t become one, Southeast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers can help.  Our chiropractic physicians can help you maintain or restore proper alignment of your spine, ease muscle tension, and reduce inflammation.  Contact any one of our three chiropractic offices and schedule a free consultation.