Avoiding and Treating Summer Back Injuries in Gaston County

The new school year is just around the corner for those in Gaston County.  In these final days before the summer break officially ends, many families are squeezing in one last getaway or some extra outdoor time.  These types of activities are what we love most about summer, but they can also be the source of pain and injury when precautions are not taken.   Quite often, injuries, especially those involving the back, spike during the summer months.

It is not uncommon for the amount of time devoted to sports and other physical activities to increase as the weather warms and days are longer.  It’s also common for individuals to spend additional hours in a car or on a plane, heading off on a family vacation.  Both of these situations can lead to serious strain on the back and may even result in long-term injury.  In order to avoid injury and lasting discomfort, there are steps that should be taken to protect the back:

  1. Physical Activity- Yard work, golfswimming, and other forms of physical activity can be hard on the back.  In order to enjoy these activities without also causing injury, it is important to take things slowly, especially if that activity is new or a regular fitness routine is not in place.  As the body acclimates to the activity and the level of physical exertion required, the likelihood of injury will decrease.  Additionally, when undertaking certain sporting activities such as golf, proper position is crucial, and it is wise to first consult an expert in the field for advice.
  2. Travel – When spending hours in a car or airplane seat, the most important consideration to avoid back pain is posture and seat position.  If the seat has inadequate lumbar support, a pillow or other supportive object behind the lower back can help keep the spine in proper alignment.  If possible, sit with feet flat on the floor and knees at a right angle, and if driving, adjust the seat position so that the steering wheel is easily reached with elbows bent.  Furthermore, taking the opportunity to stretch and walk around as frequently as possible may also help prevent pain and injury.

The last days of summer can be exciting and fun-filled but not when accompanied by persistent back pain or serious back injury.  Fortunately, a few simple precautions can keep back pain at bay and still allow you to enjoy some favorite activities.  However, if injury has already occurred or if you simply want to be proactive about your health, a chiropractor in the Gaston County area may be able to help. 

SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers has locations in both Belmont and Gastonia.  Our physicians regularly treat injuries or discomfort of the back through gentle adjustments and spinal decompression.  Furthermore, through customized treatment plans, they are also able to help patients avoid future injury as well.  To schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors, click here to complete an appointment request form.  If you would like to learn more about how a chiropractor can help with back pain, click the image below for a copy of our free, informative guide.