Chiropractic Care for Common Auto Accident Injuries

Whether a result of bad weather, vehicle malfunctions, or careless drivers, auto accidents total in the millions for Americans each year.  The severity of these accidents spans a wide range, but all are capable of leaving those involved with severe injuries to virtually any part of the body.  Even minor crashes can mean a lot of pain for years to come.  Unfortunately, the extent of an auto-related injury is rarely felt in its entirety at the time of the accident or even immediately after.  Injuries to the neckback, and soft tissue may take days or even weeks to cause discomfort. 

When these symptoms do begin to appear, many will respond by treating the pain itself, rather than the source.  While pain medications may offer some temporary relief, they offer no long-term solution to the sufferer.    In fact, when the pain is alleviated by these drugs, it is all too common for an individual to overexert the injured area, resulting in more damage or discomfort down the line.

The solution to these injuries lies in treating them at their source.  A physician will be needed who is particularly skilled in the identification and treatment of auto-related injuries. Furthermore, it is ideal to begin with the least invasive treatment possible.  Not only are chiropractic physicians incredibly adept at locating the original source of pain, they also offer treatment options which allow the patient to avoid unnecessary medications and painful procedures.

While some severe injuries may require additional medical intervention, many of the most common auto-related injuries can be treated by chiropractic care alone.  Among these injuries are whiplash, neck pain, and lower back pain.  Even if an individual finds that they suffer from headaches after a car wreck, a chiropractor may be able to correct the underlying issue. 

If you have recently been involved in an auto accident or have lingering injuries from a previous accident, it may be time to contact a chiropractor.  The physicians at SouthEast Chiropractic have years of experience in skillfully treating these types of injuries, and our office staff is helpful and accommodating.  To learn more about our physicians, treatment options, or to schedule your first appointment, click here.  Additionally, if you would like more information about common auto accident injuries that may benefit from the care of a chiropractor, click the image below, and download our free guide.