How a Chiropractor can Help Alleviate Neck Pain

A majority of people will experience some sort of neck pain at some point in their life. Most reports show woman are a bit more prone to neck pain. For many, pain medication becomes the first attempt for alleviating the neck pain.  As we have discussed in a previous blog, pain medication does not solve the problem.  In fact, it usually does more harm than good.  In addition, there are many harmful side effects with pain medication. The most natural and non-invasive approach for neck pain is through chiropractic care and treatment.

During the initial visit, the chiropractor will diagnose the specifics of the neck pain.  Obviously, a qualified chiropractor will perform a thorough examination on the patient before jumping to any type of conclusion. Questions regarding the intensity and duration of the neck pain will be asked by the chiropractor. If the neck pain is a nuisance and prohibits the normal activities of one's daily routine, the chiropractor will certainly want to be aware of these symptoms. Normally, mild to average pain is typically the result of bad posture or a lack of care for the body over the years.  However, severe pain can sometimes be a sign of a congenital defect, like scoliosis.  Or, severe pain can also point to a recent or past accident or some form of progressive age-related deterioration. So, the first appointment is crucial in building a case for your diagnosis.

When it comes to chronic neck pain, a chiropractor will take a much different approach than a traditional doctor. A chiropractor generally looks at the entire biomechanical system when analyzing the neck.  In another words, a chiropractor considers the entire system of the human spine when researching the cause of the neck pain.  Factors such as neighboring shoulder or arm pain are seriously evaluated with the current neck pain.

A drug free approach towards neck pain is taken with the chiropractor.  Spinal manipulation and adjustments are an integral part of the overall treatment program for neck pain. The term subluxation is used by doctors of chiropractic to depict the altered position of the vertebra and subsequent functional loss, which determines the location for the spinal manipulation. Usually, a subluxation takes place when one or more vertebrae move out of position, causing pressure and irritation near the spinal nerves.  A chiropractor will use spinal manipulation and spinal adjustments to fix the subluxation and relieve the pain in the soft tissues, increase blood circulation, and stimulate the body's nervous system.

For the longest time, many people mistakenly believed that spinal manipulation or adjustments were painful.  Spinal manipulation and adjustments are actually not painful at all.  When applying a spinal adjustment, a skilled chiropractor is extremely precise.  As trained professionals, chiropractors are experts in returning motion to restricted spinal joints.

Another common and popular non-invasive therapy for neck pain is ultrasound. When using ultrasound, the heat and increased blood flow produced by ultrasound treatments can relieve inflammation and pain, accelerate tissue healing, and reduce muscle spasms. Each time ultrasound therapy is applied to the neck, soundwaves are released deep into your muscle tissues, which create a gentle therapeutic heat for the neck area.

In addition to spinal manipulation, adjustments, and/or ultrasounds, a chiropractor may recommend applying ice on your neck to further control inflammation. The ice treatment can be applied at home and is a great balance to the overall treatment that the chiropractor applies.

After the chiropractor has consistently applied the aforementioned therapy, exercise may be an additional form of therapy for the neck.  Exercise will certainly help to improve your range of motion, strengthen muscles, and prevent a painful relapse.  Additionally, diet and lifestyle changes may enhance the results of chiropractic care for neck pain. If your condition does not seem to be improving within a reasonable time frame, however, you may be referred to another specialist for further treatment.

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