How can a Gastonia Chiropractor help Alleviate Stress?

Stress comes in many forms.  It can be triggered by traffic jams, work deadlines, money woes, or relationship troubles.  While we all may become stressed occasionally, ongoing and long-term stresses will eventually take their toll, both mentally and physically.  Of course, it is commonly understood that stress takes a psychological toll, often leading to depression and anxiety.  However, what many may not realize is the impact that stress has on their physical well-being.  Among the conditions to which stress may be a contributing factor are diabetes, heart disease, infection, and chronic pain, making it all the more important to find effective methods by which to prevent and alleviate stress.

Getting plenty of sleep, remaining physically active, and avoiding known stressors are all some key ways to avoid being overly stressed or anxious.  However, what few realize is that chiropractic care may also keep it at bay.  Many only think of a chiropractor as someone to see following a neck or back injury.  Chiropractic care, however, is capable of far more.  In fact, there are three different ways in which the chiropractors at our Gastonia practice can help patients with stress.

  1. Adjustments – Proper alignment of the spine is crucial to a patient’s overall comfort.  When misalignment results in tension and pain throughout the back, neck, and shoulders, emotional stress often results.  Furthermore, a chiropractic adjustment may increase the comfort level associated with regular daily activities such as long work hours or commutes, thereby providing another means of stress reduction.
  2. Proper Nutrition – Chiropractors can be an excellent source for advice and guidance on proper nutrition for a variety of ailments.  The physicians at SouthEast Chiropractic even host healthy eating workshops on occasion.  Ensuring that the right nutrients are being taken in can promote relaxation and the balance needed to alleviate stress. 
  3. Acupuncture – For centuries, practitioners of acupuncture have recognized its ability to fight pain and relieve stress and anxiety.  Now, there are studies to support this notion as well.  Most recently, a study on animals concluded that acupuncture was able to block increases in blood hormones which induce stress.  How often the treatments are needed depends on the individual patient.  While many may experience a noticeable benefit immediately, regular treatment will typically provide the best results.

No matter the source, stress can often become debilitating.  Until some measures are taken to address and prevent it, it’s a situation which will only continue to worsen.  Rather than simply trying to make it through or relying on medications to ease anxiety, a more long-term and natural solution may be available through the benefits of chiropractic care.

If you find that you are regularly under a level of stress which is impeding your happiness and well-being, it is likely time to visit a chiropractor for a consultation.  The physicians at both our Gastonia and Belmont locations are skilled in this particular area, and can develop a treatment plan that is ideal for your situation. Click here to schedule an appointment with SouthEast Chiropractic.