How Long do I need to see my Chiropractor?

Most patients visit a chiropractor, because they are experiencing some sort of pain.  At SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers, we care for patients in one of three phases of care. Based on our diagnosis, we certainly will advise the level of care we feel should be implemented.  However, it is the patient who will ultimately have to make the decision and commitment to treatment.  Until this diagnosis is given, there is really no easy answer to the question of, “How long do I need to see the Chiropractor?”  

The first phase of care is Acute Pain.  Most patients want to relieve some sort of pain as quickly as possible.  Most patients show improvement within the first 2 to 5 visits. Initial treatment usually works best when a person is seen frequently for a short period of time.

The second phase of care is for rehabilitation.  Anytime the topic of injury recovery is discussed, it is extremely difficult to provide a set number of appointments or visits.  Each injury is different, just as each patient is different.  What takes twelve visits for one patient to recover, may only take seven visits for another. Chiropractors specialize in restoring pain-free motion, and improving strength with muscle therapy and posture exercises.  Each of our patients improves body motion patterns through therapy, and improves their strength with continued joint mobilization, muscle therapy and posture exercises. In learning these new body motion patterns, each patient will progress at a different pace.

The final level of care is known as wellness care. Studies show that regular chiropractic adjustments are beneficial for sustaining long term correction and preventing reoccurrence of the initial injury.  At SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers, we encourage our patients to come in for regular adjustments as the final course of treatment, as it can not only prevent a relapse of the original injury, but also improve overall health of the nervous system.  With this phase, like the others, it is nearly impossible to pre-determine the correct number of visits with the chiropractor.  Our patients tell us the consistent treatments are very therapeutic.  Regular therapy and intelligent life habits help people keep moving, stay active and maximize health.

So, unfortunately, we cannot provide definite numbers to the initial question of, “How long do I have to see my chiropractor?” When it comes to making a commitment to the improvement in a patient’s health, it is ultimately the decision of the patient. In our experience, the patients who take a consistent and committed approach to the improvement of their overall health are the ones who receive the most benefit.

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