The Importance of Massage Therapy in Belmont

Massage therapy is not only good for the bodies' general health, it can help improve performance with work, activity and every day life.   In fact, when massage therapy is combined with consistent Chiropractic care, the benefits to the body are limitless.

Massage therapy increases circulation, allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs. It also stimulates the flow of lymph, the body's natural defense system, against toxic invaders. Massage can relax injured and overused muscles as well as reduce spasm and cramping.

There are various techniques, pressures, and movements used with massage therapy to help the muscles reach their maximum relaxation.

Styles of massage therapy range from short percussive strokes to long and smooth strokes. The correct methods applied in the appropriate areas can help relax muscles and improve health.

Massage therapy can do many good things for the body, mind and spirit. If stress at work is an issue, massage can be very effective. A regularly scheduled massage to help prevent or reduce tension in the body is a proactive approach to health. On the other hand, a chronic problem may need to be cared for more frequently. Living with chronic pain is not healthy. One way to help relieve this pain is to utilize massage therapy.
Tired muscles need attention. These muscles can be stimulated through touch and massage oils. Tired muscles can occur with exercising, heavy lifting, or any other strenuous activity. Muscles can ache from overuse or simply not warming them up properly before starting an activity. 

A therapeutic massage can do wonders for those needing treatment.  If you are suffering from a sports injury, arthritis, fibromyalgia, fatigue, back or neck pain, just to name a few, therapeutic massage can help speed healing and reduce pain as well as inflammation.  

Experts claim that about 90 percent of diseases are related to stress. Massage therapy helps relieve stress, increase energy, and promote a healthy immune system.

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