Why Seeing a Chiropractor During the Holidays may be the Best Remedy

It seems like the holiday celebrations and shopping traditions start earlier and earlier every year. And with all of these festivities comes the stress and anxiety of dealing with all of the responsibilities of the holiday time.  Whether it’s the DOOR BUSTER sales being advertised or the company parties that start to take place, the holiday time can certainly be a time of stress.

The stress of the holidays can really take a toll on the mind and body.  While the body can certainly adapt to doing a little more during the holidays, it cannot take on an extensive amount of stress and labor all at one time.  So, in order to prepare for these known holiday stress periods, SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers has developed a few tips on how to reduce stress during these holiday shopping events.  By following the tips listed, one can at least take the proactive approach of eliminating any uninvited stress during the holiday time.

What do we mean by being proactive?  Well, for starters, we need to make a strong mental effort to realize that our bodies are being taxed during this time.  Shopping, events, holiday parties, and all the other holiday demands, can take a real toll on the body.  And, if it is not recognized, there can be certain injuries that are associated with the holiday time.

A good idea may be to treat the holidays as if they were a marathon.  As many marathoners will do, we encourage everyone to stay hydrated.  It is customary to drink eight 10 ounce glasses of water per day.  Try to stay away from dehydrators like coffee, tea, and soft drinks.  When participating in shopping days, it is recommended to intake more than the normal eight glasses of water.

When the mind is stressed, so is the body. During long shopping periods, muscles tend to tighten up. So, just like a marathon runner would do, stretch before taking on the mall for a day of shopping.

Another great application during the holiday time is supportive shoes.  Just like a prepared marathon runner, it is suggested that supportive shoes be worn during all holiday events. While this may not be possible during formal business events, it is certainly possible during the day long shopping experience.  By supporting the feet with supportive and comfortable footwear, the chances of developing injuries, like Plantar Fasciitis, are substantially decreased. 

Many marathon runners wear light and flexible clothing so that their comfort level is ideal during the long runs.  No runner wants to limit their performance due to a clothing issue.  The same holds true for holiday times.  It is a good idea to wear layers during the holidays, as it is very possible that there will be an extreme variation between inside and outside temperatures.  If dressed in layers, potential stresses due to body temperature are eliminated.

Another great idea is to plan breaks during your shopping.  With the planned breaks, make sure to give the feet a break. Sit down and rest for at least fifteen minutes. The small breaks in the shopping action will restore the body's energy. 

If you were running a marathon, would you bring your children?  It is recommended that children are not included in the holiday shopping experience.  During the shopping day, it is normal to have a bunch of bags in your hands.  This leaves no room for holding the hand of a child.  And this can be a scary and dangerous situation.  So, if possible, leave the children at home during the holiday mall trip.

If you experience pain or discomfort during the holidays, please visit one of our locations.  We have experts that specialize in healing the pains of stress and anxiety. To take a step closer to living this holiday pain free, click here to make an appointment.