Why Should I see a Chiropractor in Belmont after an Auto Accident?

An auto accident can be very overwhelming, stressful, and debilitating for anyone involved. When an accident occurs, there are so many instant questions, thoughts, and feelings that transpire in one's mind.   

"Am I hurt or injured?"

"Is the other person injured?"

"Is my car damaged?"

"What do I do next?"

These are all questions that instantly take place after an auto accident.  So, to say the least, there are many important decisions that have to be made in an environment that may not be so conducive to rational thinking.

For many reasons, individuals who are involved in an auto accident should see a chiropractor as soon as possible. An assessment by a chiropractor is recommended even if the individual in an accident feels they are not injured. The time period immediately following an accident creates high adrenaline levels in the individuals involved in the wreck. Many of the injuries suffered by the individual may be masked or hidden by this sudden burst of adrenaline. In times of emergency, the body naturally puts up a defense mechanism to help the person get through the stressful situation.  So, if there are any injuries suffered after an auto accident, it is highly likely the injury will be temporarily masked.  However, after time has passed and the adrenaline has worn off, aches and pains often reveal themselves and inflammation around sore spots can indicate injuries that were not apparent just hours before.  

Chiropractors are skilled and proficient in identifying injuries that may not initially be painful. Some possible symptoms from an auto accident are:

If any of these symptoms are present after an auto accident, it is best to be in the hands of a chiropractor, so a plan of action can be developed to treat the specific injury. For many reasons, it is not recommended to ignore the pain or let the injury go untreated. Accident victims need a doctor who specializes in the treatment for whiplash and other auto accident injuries.

Chiropractors are trained to identify injuries that may not show any immediate symptoms. Whether you are in pain or not, it is recommended to not ignore any possible symptoms. Many people do not experience any symptoms or problems until months after the auto accident. Unfortunately, the longer one waits on treating the injury, the more challenging it becomes to heal the pain. 

It is important to include chiropractic care in your recovery regimen after an auto accident. Taking a proactive approach to your treatment after an auto accident, can really be the biggest step towards living life pain free. So, the next time anyone asks the question, "Why Should I See A Chiropractor In Belmont After An Auto Accident?", hopefully this article has provided enough information to answer any future concerns. If you have been in a recent auto accident and would like to make an appointment, please click here.