3 Ways Poor Posture is Affecting Your Health

There is a lot that your chiropractor can tell about you from the moment you step into his or her office.  The tell-tale rounding of the spine and hunched posture clue them in immediately to your smart phone addiction and desk job.  Misalignment of your shoulders may hint at an overly heavy purse or laptop being carried frequently.  There are undoubtedly outward signs of consistent posture issues, but more troubling are how these begin to impact the body internally.  Consider your spine the central “hub” of your body.  The brain and nerves communicate through it, letting the rest of your body know just how to function.  Interfere with this channel of communication at all, and it is no surprise that things become sluggish.  If you have bad posture, here are some other common problems you may be experiencing as well.

Poor Posture and Digestion Problems

Slouching constricts organs and digestive pathways, making it difficult for food to properly pass through.  If you maintain this posture or lie down after eating, food may move back up into the esophagus, leading to heartburn, or GERD.  Sitting and standing upright lessens the pressure that leads to such conditions and enables the muscles surrounding the diaphragm to relax.

Poor Posture and Nerve Constriction

Subluxations of the spine due to poor posture place undue pressure on the nerves that run in and around the spinal column.  Commonly known as a “pinched nerve” this condition can be painful, and in some cases debilitating.  Chronic neck or back pain is often the result, and the condition can readily interfere with day-to-day activities.  Working to align the spine properly through good posture and chiropractic care is an effective means to relieve pressure on the nerve and thereby improve comfort and mobility.

Poor Posture and Muscle Soreness

When we don’t sit or walk straight and upright, our muscles must work even harder to pick up the slack, stabilizing and protecting the spine.  This often results in chronic pain issues that can occur anywhere from the neck to the lower back, even leading to additional problems such as tension headaches.  Correcting posture allows the muscles to recover and support the back properly, greatly reducing soreness and discomfort.

Solutions for Poor Posture

Correcting posture is not difficult, but it will require mindfulness and effort.  If you spend ample amounts of time at a desk, remain aware of how you are seated.  Keep feet flat on the floor, shoulders straight and back, and all devices at eye-level.  Use stretches and exercises such as yoga to improve flexibility and range of motion while strengthening core muscles.  Finally, visit a chiropractor to address spine alignment and correct any subluxations. 

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