Avoiding and Treating Workplace Injuries in Gastonia

Regardless of how much caution is taken, accidents are an unfortunate occurrence that can happen nearly anywhere.  From exercising to driving, there are many daily activities that can lead to injury when not approached carefully.  Even a day at work can lead to injuries requiring medical attention and time off to recuperate.  While the type of work being performed will be a contributing factor to the likelihood of injury, there are still precautions that can be taken to avoid accidents.  Furthermore, in the unfortunate event that injuries do occur, there are treatment options which frequently allow patients to avoid ongoing pain and invasive medical treatments.

Among workplace injuries in Gastonia and around the country, those involving the back are most prevalent.  A 2011 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that back injuries account for 36% of all of those occurring at work.  Additionally, the shoulder (12%), neck (2%), and combinations of multiple injured areas (8%), also made the list.  One of the primary causes of these injuries was overexertion (22%).  Whether lifting or lowering, employees simply aren’t being cautious enough to avoid injury.  To avoid overexertion of this type on the job, there are some simple rules that should be followed:

  1. Ask for Help – If there are large or heavy objects to be lifted or moved, waiting until fellow team members arrive to help is often the best way to avoid injury.  It is important to avoid attempting too much alone.  If necessary, make prior arrangements to ensure that others are available to help.
  2. Use Proper Lifting Technique – The way in which heavy objects are lifted is a critical safety factor.  Injuries, particular those involving the back, occur when bending over to lift an item up, using the back.  Instead, knees should be bent, using the legs to lift.  Additionally, objects should be carried at waist level to avoid too much strain.
  3. Use a Cart or Dolly – If tools such as carts or hand trucks are available, use these to save unnecessary strain on the back.  They can be especially useful if there are multiple items to be moved.

In addition to overexertion, sedentary jobs and even those which require regular, repetitive motions may also lead to strain of the back, neck, and shoulders.  In these situations, it is important to break away from routine, move around, and stretch.  Additionally, those workers who spend many hours at a desk or computer can benefit greatly from simply focusing on proper posture.  Attempt to keep feet flat on the floor, the back straight, and adjust chairs and desks to optimal height.

Unfortunately, despite proper precautions, injuries may still occur.  However, whether muscles are strained or discs are herniated, chiropractic care is a viable treatment option for many of these injuries.  Studies have shown that those patients who first see a chiropractor for lower back pain are far less likely to need back surgery later on.  The care methods implemented by chiropractors such as spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, massage, and evenacupuncture can address many workplace injuries without the use of shots, pain pill prescriptions, or even surgery. 

In order to develop an ideal treatment plan, it is important to see a chiropractor as soon as possible after an injury occurs.  In many cases, this may be the only care you need.  In others, your chiropractor can work closely with your physician to ensure that all therapies complement one another and that you receive maximum benefit.

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