How to Safely and Naturally Boost Your Energy

Most Americans live a very hectic, on-the-go lifestyle. Whether it is work, extracurricular activities, family, or all of the above, there are likely a variety of sources that keep you on the move.  While keeping busy and having active interests are highly recommended for overall health and happiness, these hectic schedules can also mean that other, essential components of health are taken for granted.  When this occurs, it becomes increasingly difficult for the body to keep up with its many demands, resulting in fatigue and a feeling of being drained.

There are a few culprits that are major contributors to this energy-zapping phenomenon.  When not appropriately addressed, the effects can continue to build, causing a patient to feel perpetually fatigued. Below are just a couple of factors that may be keeping energy levels low:


Diet is by far the most impactful of our daily routines on our general health and wellbeing.  All too often, we kick start our day with a cup of coffee and little more.  We begin the day with little to no valuable nutrition and then wonder why we feel so fatigued come lunchtime.  By that point, maybe it’s a soda and sandwich before getting back to it.  Sure, this may be okay every once and a while, but when it’s your daily routine, your body and endurance will quickly begin to suffer. 

Have no fear.  Despite years of poor eating habits, the human body rebounds relatively quickly when proper nutrition is introduced.  Start by eating a breakfast high in fiber and healthy carbohydrates for sustainable energy, and eat several small meals throughout the day to keep it going.  Staying well-hydrated will help combat fatigue as well.  Among the many benefits of adequate hydration throughout the day are waste removal, hormone distribution, and delivery of oxygen to muscles.

Slow Down

Slowing down doesn’t mean give up the things you enjoy.  Rather, it means taking some occasional timeouts throughout the course of the day.  Research has shown that taking brief breaks increases alertness and productivity.  In fact, one such study of individuals who spend most of their day on a computer found that those who took brief, frequent breaks had higher performance levels and worked faster.  Giving your mind the rest it needs allows you to feel rejuvenated and refreshed and can prevent late afternoon slumps.  Additionally, using these opportunities to meditate, taking deep breaths and focusing on relaxation of the body, will lead to higher levels of late-day energy as well.

Along these same lines, a quick power nap during the middle of the day can also have powerful effects.  However, the length of the nap is critical to achieving the desired results.  Research shows that only 10-20 minutes are needed for a quick boost in energy and alertness.  On the other hand, napping for 30 minutes can leave you feeling groggy and inadequately rested.  When grabbing some midday rest, remember to keep it short, and set a timer to wake yourself.   If you do nap for longer, a minimum of 60 minutes is needed to wake up feeling refreshed.

On top of taking time to rest and maintaining a nutritious diet, focusing on the function and alignment of your body can also prove beneficial in fighting fatigue.  When the spine is out of alignment, the entire nervous system may be unable to function properly, resulting in a number of noticeable symptoms including fatigue.  If you find that you’re having trouble remaining energized and keeping up throughout the day, try the tips above, and contact SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers.  Between our chiropractic services, nutritional guidance, and even acupuncture services, we have the capability of developing a successful treatment plan for every patient.  To schedule your appointment in our GastoniaBelmont, orDenver, NC offices, click here.