Chiropractic May Help Your Statin-Related Pain

High cholesterol has become a widespread American epidemic.  Over 73 million American adults have the condition which can lead to plaque formation within the arteries.  Over time, this plaque can contribute to more serious health concerns such as stroke, heart attack, and kidney disease.  It’s important that steps be taken to keep a diagnosed case of high cholesterol under control.  Diet and exercise are often enough to regulate the condition.  However, many patients require long-term use of drugs called statins to keep their cholesterol from reaching unhealthy levels.

Statins and Muscular Pain

For these individuals, statins are a vital part of their healthcare.  However, as is the case with any prescription medication, there are side effects to consider.  As it happens, the most common side effect with statins is muscular pain.  It can range from mild to severe and may manifest as soreness or weakness, but whatever the case, this ongoing discomfort can begin to be problematic, making daily activities difficult and increasing stress.  Primary care physicians typically treat this pain pharmacologically, often with opioids.  Yet, as you can imagine, adding another medication, and a highly addictive one at that, onto the daily regimen can serve to compound a patient’s physical problems.   Additionally, it has been shown that these drugs lose their effectiveness over time.

Chiropractic Care for Statin Induced Myopathy

Chiropractic physicians take a much different, non-pharmacological approach to treating statin-induced myopathy.  Our practice is holistic in nature, and we will accomplish all that is possible within our therapies to bring comfort and relief from pain.  However, it is important that communication be established between primary care physician and chiropractor.  Typical treatment of statin myopathy will often involve a change in prescription which must be made by the prescribing physician.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a reluctance in some sectors of the medical community to acknowledge the prevalence of neuromuscular problems as a result of the medication.

If you are among the 9-20 percent of patients using statins who experience muscular discomfort it is important to speak with your doctor quickly as it can be a sign of dangerous breakdown in the tissue.  Question the possibility of statins as a source and schedule an appointment with a chiropractor to help better determine the type and severity of your condition.  The results achievable when you have the correct combination of care and specialists far surpasses any relief that can be obtained from medicine alone. 

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