Helping Children Avoid Sports Injuries

As the warmer spring and summer months roll around, parents find themselves spending more and more time at the ball field.  Athletic participation increases for most at this time of year.  Unfortunately, this means that injuries go up as well.  Dealing with these injuries, and of course, preventing them, is paramount to keeping our kids safe and able to participate in the sports they love. 

Types of Injuries

Traumatic Injuries – Contact sports in particular can result in acute, traumatic injuries.  These are generally brought on by a sudden blow such as being tackled or struck by a ball.  They can includeconcussions, breaks, cuts, or sprains.

Overuse Injuries – Repetitive training of certain muscle groups can eventually lead to injuries such as tendonitis or stress fractures.  While these may seem nagging at first, they can become just as troubling as an acute injury if not properly treated.


Athletes are best served to take precautions to avoid injury, rather than simply treating them when they occur.  This means appropriate training for the right amount of time.  Some may assume that the more they train, the better, but overtraining can lead to injury just as easily.  Warming up is also key to sidestepping injury, particularly for athletes such as pitchers who use repetitive motion.  Finally, proper gear including foot and eyewear, pads, and helmets will help protect the body, particularly from traumatic injuries that may result from collisions.


If injury becomes evident or even suspected, it’s important to hold off on athletic activity until it can be evaluated.  Signs can include worsening pain, swelling, and limited range of motion.  The specific type of injury will determine which type of physician is best suited for treatment.  Physical therapy and chiropractic care are often helpful for many of the most common forms of injury.  Not only can these therapies help recovery efforts, continuing them can help prevent re-injury as well.

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