Strengthen Your Immune System With Chiropractic

Children, the immunocompromised, and your average Joe or Jane can all benefit from a stronger immune system.  After all, who enjoys or can afford to be ill?  Just consider the tasks that go unaccomplished and lie in wait for you after you’ve taken the time to convalesce.  Or that helpless feeling when you can’t help your miserably sick child simply feel better.  What if some of these instances could be avoided?  Of course, we aren’t suggesting that chiropractic is a magic pill that will keep you from ever feeling unwell again, but it certainly can help keep you feeling better more often.  While we don’t know all of the connections between chiropractic care and a strengthened immune system, here is what we do know.


The autonomic nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves) control all of the body’s functions from breathing to heartbeat to the digestive system.  Your nervous system is constantly working to keep you going and to keep you healthy, but when a kink is thrown in the system, things just can’t function the way they should.  Chiropractic helps by keeping the main thoroughfare of your nervous system, the spinal cord, kink free.  Through adjustments, chiropractors can address subluxations, or vertebrae misalignments, that may negatively impact health in an incredible number of ways.


Throughout several studies, patients who utilize chiropractic care have documented results such as lowered blood pressure and improved anxiety.  However, perhaps the most telling results come from Ronald Pero, Ph.D., a researcher and professor in 1970’s New York.  Pero’s work in cancer research led him to consider the possibility that the nervous system strongly influences immunity and more specifically, susceptibility to cancers.  Throughout his study, his team observed a group of 107 individuals, comparing the immune systems of those who had long-term chiropractic care to those who did not.  His astounding results noted a 200 percent greater functionality in the immune systems of those who received chiropractic care for a period of more than five years.


Yet another study supporting the theory that chiropractic care improves immune system functionality was published in The Chiro Research Journal in 1994.  This research is particularly notable as it focuses on a highly immunocompromised group – HIV patients.  Over a course of six months, the level of CD4 cells, a type of white blood cell that plays a major role in infection prevention, increased by 48 percent in those receiving chiropractic care versus an 8 percent decrease in the control group. 


If you have an existing illness or chronic health condition, chiropractic may not be your only solution.  However, it has been proven time and time again to be an effective and integral part of your overall health care.  A strong and healthy immune system is the largest factor in combatting illness.  Give yours a boost with regular chiropractic adjustment.


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