Top 3 Items You Should Own to Relieve Back Pain

As Americans, we spend billions on our back pain every year.  Tests, doctor appointments, and medication take up the bulk of that amount, but massages, mattresses, and other pain-relieving remedies do as well.  As the most common ailment to plague the American public, it’s no wonder we invest so much, but are we investing wisely?

There is no shortage of gimmicks or fads that promise to erase the pain, give the first solid night’s sleep in months, if not years, and leave users feeling like new.  Of course, as many back pain sufferers know, these claims often fall far short of reality.  With such an abundance of options out there, how can one possibly know which products are really worth it?  At SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers, we spend every day treating the sources and symptoms of back pain.  Over the years, we’ve realized that some items really do help significantly more than others.  If you are looking for at-home options that can help bring comfort, here are some we recommend:

  1. Mattress – Sleeping on a mattress that does not lend itself to proper spine alignment is practically asking for back troubles.  The key is to find one that offers an optimal balance of comfort and support based on personal preference and sleeping position.  Additionally, it is important to know when it’s time for an upgrade.  Check out this article from Greatist for tips on finding the right one for you.
  2. Ergonomic Chair – Our nation is becoming increasingly sedentary which is a known contributor to health problems, not the least of which is back pain.  Between time spent commuting, hours at a desk, and poor posture all along, our backs just cannot handle it.  For those times spent at a desk, invest in an ergonomic chair that lends itself to proper posture and alignment.
  3. Appropriate Shoes – Think of your feet as the foundation of your entire body.  When they are not properly supported, it can wreak havoc everywhere else.  Shoes should not be too flat, such as flip-flops, as these lack adequate arch, heel, and ankle support.  On the other end of the spectrum, women with back pain should avoid high heels, as they are notorious for impacting the spine’s alignment and placing unnecessary strain on the lower back.

Of course, for any injury or chronic pain condition affecting the back, patients should seek medical care.  A physician such as a chiropractor can determine the source of the pain and often treat the problem in a safe, non-invasive way.  However, care must extend beyond the doctor’s office.  It is what you do at home and work in the many hours that you are not under the watchful eye of a doctor that can really impact recovery.  Investing wisely in some useful tools will help keep your discomfort at bay.

If you are in the Greater Charlotte area and are considering chiropractic care for your back pain, contact SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers.  Our highly qualified physicians and staff can be found in three convenient locations: GastoniaBelmont, and Denver, NC.  To request your appointment at any one of these offices, simply click here.