Is Chiropractic Care in Mt. Holly Right for You?

If you’re like most people, you are probably a little skeptical of Chiropractors and Chiropractic care. That’s okay; it’s only natural to be a little uncomfortable with new treatments, especially when they promise effective pain management. That’s what makes Chiropractic care so special; it’s natural. Chiropractic treatments are natural because they are a hands-on method that is non-invasive and won’t cost you a dime at the pharmacist. It’s the natural hands-on body manipulation that also makes Chiropractic safe, not to mention it feels really good. But, you still may be asking, is Chiropractic care in Mt Holly right for you?

Chiropractors Aren’t Really Doctors, Are They?

Chiropractors are doctors. Chiropractors receive an education as primary contact health care practitioners. The emphasis is on neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment. In some areas of study, Chiropractors receive more training than general practitioners, such as,in the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology and X-ray Science. This contributes to a Chiropractor’s expertise when it comes to bones, joints, and muscles. With the popularity of Chiropractic care growing in the United States, more and more medical insurance providers are offering coverage for Chiropractic visits; finding the effectiveness and lack of prescriptions are a benefit to their bottom line.

How Can Chiropractic Be Natural?

Chiropractic care is natural because the emphasis is on your body’s physiology more than chemistry. Chiropractors use their hands to manipulate and realign joints. They don’t prescribe pharmaceuticals and most importantly; they focus on healing and eliminating your pain. Visiting a Chiropractor can be a very rewarding experience. Instead of walking out with a stack of prescriptions and a hefty bill, you leave a Chiropractor feeling good, healthy and invigorated. Chiropractic care isn’t just for pain management either. The benefits of visiting a Chiropractor include allergy managementmigraine resolution, arthritis treatment, inflammation, and spinal/ nerve health.

How Is Chiropractic Safer Than Taking Medicine?

Chiropractic is based on how our bodies move and heal naturally. Pain is the body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. This can lead to more serious problems like increased damage to joints and bones, because the pain associated with injuries or repeated motion is dulled by the pharmaceuticals.  All drugs have side effects, whether it is the caffeine in our morning cup of coffee or a morphine drip, everyone is different and responds to drugs in different ways. Anytime strong pain relievers are prescribed, you run the risk of developing a dependency on the drugs. If the unfortunate circumstance of drug dependency develops, you would then have the combination of pain and drug addiction. 

It makes no difference how we sustain the sprains and strains that come with active life styles or the major skeletal traumas endured in an automobile accident; Chiropractic care can provide resolution to pain and assist in management of the bodies general health. The bottom line is that Chiropractic is a thriving and integral part of a healthy life style and provides many benefits and advantages without any of the drugs or invasive treatments which have become so prevalent in modern medicine. It’s natural, safe and effective, and is an alternative treatment to seriously consider.

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