Joint Pain

Your joints are the component of the body where your bones meet and allow movement. Without your joints, you would not be able to bend or function properly. For example, if you did not have knee joints, you could not bend your legs to walk. As your joints play such a vital role in movement, they are easy targets for pain. Fortunately, Dr. Katherine Hoffman, Dr. Crown Hoffman, and Dr. Richard Snyder at Southeast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers are skilled at joint pain management.

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What Causes Joint Pain?

Many things can cause joint pain since your joints support so much of your daily life. Some of the most common reasons people experience joint pain include:

  • Joint misalignment
  • Strains and sprains in connective tissue
  • Wearing shoes that don’t provide proper support
  • Wearing down of the joints due to issues like osteoarthritis or carrying excess weight
  • Inflammation of the tendons
  • Overuse of the joints, such as with bursitis
  • Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, which causes the joints to swell
  • Personal injuries, including auto accidents and work injuries

How a Chiropractor Provides Joint Pain Relief

When your joints hurt, you are desperate for pain relief, and understandably so. Joint pain can make life difficult and unbearable at times. However, you don’t need drastic measures when there are natural pain management methods available through chiropractic care.

One option for pain relief is cold laser therapy. Through this treatment, laser light is utilized to stimulate the cellular repair process, improving the flow of blood and nutrients to the damaged area. Cold laser therapy is effective in decreasing swelling and reducing pain.

Specialized Treatment

At Southeast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers, you can receive treatment with the Summus Horizon medical laser, which is an enhanced version of cold laser therapy. It is a quick process that takes 30 minutes or less while still providing great results.

Other treatment options available for joint pain relief include therapeutic exercise, extremity adjustments, therapeutic massage, and more. Your treatment plan will include a combination of these methods to provide the greatest results for your condition.

Find Joint Pain Relief with Our Chiropractors in Belmont and Gastonia, NC

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