Spinal decompression


spinal decompression

Decompression Therapy is designed for anyone suffering from back pain, sciatica, leg pain, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, bulging disc, tingling, numbness, arm pain, neck pain, and some patients with spinal stenosis and failed low back syndrome.

Treatment is directed at relieving pressure on structures that may be a major source of pain. It can relive pain associated with bulging and herniated discs, degenerative discs, facet syndrome and sciatica (referred pain) and headaches.

Decompression therapy helps relieve pain through the actual decompression of the lumbar and cervical discs and joints (that is unloading due to distraction and positioning). This cyclical, painless setting reduces pressure, promotes blood and fluid flow and improves healing naturally.     

The American Spinal Decompression Association brings together patients and leading specialists in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression all across the country. This allows patients a 70% chance of resuming a normal lifestyle.

 If you or your family members have been struggling with these debilitating conditions with little or no relief, then ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you currently dependant on medications on a daily basis?
  • Are you limited in daily activities?
  • Have you had repeated injections or epidurals with little or no relief?
  • Are you considering surgery and are uncomfortable with that choice?
  • Have all the options been presented to you?
  • Have you already tried chiropractic or physical therapy?
  • Have you been out or work due to pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is certainly a viable treatment option and could very well be what you’re looking for. This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment of disc problems in the neck and back is not only more cost effective but may also have better long term results than even surgery.  If you are experiencing back pain, as a result of disc compression, click the link below for a consultation.