Back Pain: By the Numbers [Infographic]

Back pain is a prevalent problem across the globe as most Americans are well aware.  In fact, the majority of us has or will experience back pain to some degree at some point in our adult lives.  One can only hope that serious damage doesn’t occur which can result in years of pain, missed work, and countless dollars spent in search of relief.  Our best safeguard against these situations is proactive care such as exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, and utilizing preventative care options such as chiropractic treatment.  However, the reality is that, despite our best efforts, there are sometimes situations when injury will occur and medical treatment is necessary.

When considering the many statistics associated with back pain, it’s no wonder that industries which specialize in its relief are booming.  Americans far and wide are fighting the same battle and looking for the same results.  In the infographic below, there are just a few of the statistics which many may find surprising but which certainly prove that back pain sufferers are hardly alone.  Explore these astounding statistics, and if you are among the millions of back pain sufferers looking for relief, contact SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers to learn how chiropractic care can make a difference for you!

Back Pain Statistics Infographic