Why Your Child Should See a Chiropractor for Chronic Ear Infections

On the list of common childhood illnesses, ear infections rank somewhere between the common cold and stomach bugs.  As many as 10 million new cases are seen each and every year.  If you are a parent, chances are that you’ve experienced one if not multiple ear infections with your little one.  These infections can result in pain, fever, and a very cranky baby.  In an effort to relieve the symptoms, most parents will turn to over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription antibiotics.  In time, these solutions typically wipe out the infection and bring comfort.  However, what they cannot do is prevent future infections. 

When most of us refer to an “ear infection,” what we’re indicating is an infection of the middle ear.  In this condition, bacteria make their way into the pocket of air that sits behind the ear drum.  When the eustachian tube which connects the middle ear to the throat is unable to drain properly, the area fills up with fluid or pus and causes an increasing amount of painful pressure.  When one or even a few of these infections take place, antibiotics are the preferred course of treatment by most pediatricians.  However, this can prove problematic as research has indicated little value of these antibiotics over the body’s own immune system.  Additionally, repeated use can lead to drug-resistant bacteria.  Often times, these infections will occur repeatedly until surgery is recommended to place tubes in the ears which will help alleviate pressure and prevent fluid buildup. 

How Can Chiropractic Help?

The fact that most ear infections result due to a mechanical problem can never be addressed by antibiotics.  In many cases it is reduced drainage within the lymphatic system that leads to continuous fluid buildup.  Rather than continuing to kill the bacteria that makes its way into the middle ear, the most logical and effective solution is to prevent it from getting there in the first place.  With years of training and experience, chiropractors are experienced in restoring normal function to the various soft tissues along the neck and back, including the lymphatic system.

In the case of repeated ear infections, a chiropractor will typically use upper-cervical manipulation to gently stimulate proper drainage and muscle function.  Over time, treatments typically result in complete elimination of chronic ear infections without the need for antibiotics or surgery.  In fact, one study showed that with initial visits and maintenance visits every four to six weeks, 80 percent of treated children remained free of ear infections for a minimum of six months.  In the end, most children receive a treatment that is not only more effective than antibiotics but that is also more comfortable and less invasive than a surgical procedure. 

Chiropractic care is a gentle, holistic form of medicine that is safe for even the smallest of patients.  When you have a chiropractor who is experienced in working with children, you can feel comfortable in their ability to treat your child with the highest levels of skill and care.  Among such physicians are the chiropractors at SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers.  With three convenient offices located in BelmontGastonia, and Denver, NC, we are sure to have a chiropractor and a location that suits your needs.  Simply click hereand choose your location to request your appointment.  We look forward to treating you.