How to Prevent Health Problems Caused by Sedentary Jobs

Too much sitting is bad for your health. Take a look at research on the harmful effects of sedentary behavior, and you may find yourself standing up halfway through the article in fear.

There are several serious health concerns caused by sitting too often, many of which you may not even realize.  These can include:

●       Higher rate of Type 2 Diabetes

●       Obesity

●       Cardiovascular disease

●       Cancer

●       Cancer related deaths

Unfortunately, most people spend the majority of their day at work, and with jobs relying increasingly on the use of computers and other technology, this can mean eight hours sitting behind a desk each day. That’s even more troubling when you consider that even an hour of exercise each day does not negate the harmful effects of sitting as much as you might think.  So, what is the best way to prevent health hazards brought on by a sedentary job? The answer is pretty simple: Stand up, and get moving.

Incorporating Movement into Your Work Day

Sure, exercise is important, but it is also important to be mindful and intentional about incorporating movement throughout the work day.  Try pacing around the office while catching up on emails, or put reminders on your calendar to stand or stretch at certain parts of the day. Increasing activity at your job is a great way to burn calories and feel better in the short run while helping to prevent more serious diseases in the long run.

Standing for prolonged periods, walking daily, and exercising frequently takes mental discipline. It also requires that our bodies are physically capable of performing these tasks. For some, nagging back and leg pain can make the thought of additional time on their feet throughout the day seem nearly impossible.  Fortunately, there are therapies such as chiropractic treatment available to help get most people on their feet without discomfort.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Combat the Health Risks of a Sedentary Job?

●       Pain relief – Chiropractic care can reduce chronic back, neck, and foot pain. Don’t let aches and pains be the reason you cut walks short or reduce time spent standing.

●       Stretching - Proper stretching is crucial for preventing injuries. Improving flexibility will allow you to move freely without injuries setting you back and causing you to spend more time off of your feet. Chiropractors can conduct stretching exercises and educate you on proper techniques.

●       Improve posture – Working from a computer while seated at your desk naturally causes poor posture that can lead to issues with spinal alignment. Regular adjustments can correct these issues while helping to develop better posture.

●       Overall wellness – This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’re more likely to be active when you feel good. Chiropractic care reduces pain, lowers blood pressure, and even improves digestive health, which keeps you feeling balanced and ready to begin a more active lifestyle.

Too much sitting may not sound like a serious issue, but the health problems that accompany sedentary behavior are. The next time you look around your office and think this job is going to be the death of me, stand up and get to work. That statement may be truer than most would like to believe.

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